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About D-COAX

Our company assists Test and Measurement market by providing customers with Test Services, Engineering Services and related Microwave products.


We specialize in the design, prototype build, test, and production of Microwave interconnects such as coaxial-to-coaxial, coaxial-to-micro strip, coaxial to CPW, and coaxial to other structures.  The structures range from 50 Ohm to 150 Ohm, and 50 Ohm up to 65 GHz.  We design standard and custom connectors/interconnects to match specific cable impedance, cable dimensions, and custom interface with desired electrical and mechanical performances.


We also specialize in building custom manual probe stations for specific customer needs.  The custom probe stations can later be upgraded for future unique projects.  With this service our customers are getting their needs met and do not need to buy new probe stations for the new upcoming project.


Our Test Services include characterization or production testing in the Time Domain and Frequency Domain up to 65GHz.  Engineering Services include custom designing, machining and building of product prototypes, RF/Microwave test fixtures, probe stations, calibration kits, and more.  We work with our customers to understand their needs and the intended use in order to develop specifications for their custom devices that fit their performance goals and budget.  Here at D-COAX we have a tool-room quality machine shop onsite for rapid prototyping and quick project turn around.  Our product portfolio includes manual probe stations and high performance Microwave semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies.


We have supplied semi-rigid cable assemblies for a world leader in the microwave probes and probe station industries.