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university loaner program

At D-COAX we believe that Students and Instructors need to have the proper tools for research and development. When specialized tools are available at the University level, a better understanding of the fields of study may be realized sooner. D-COAX also believes that college students represent the hope of tomorrow and know that supporting their educational experience may have a profound and lasting impact. Therefore, D-COAX has created a program for Universities to borrow the Model W2.5 x L6.5 probe station.  The head of the Electrical department will need to check with the University legal department for the terms and conditions stated in the PDF document before proceeding.

Contact D-COAX with your request that is signed by the proper designated official.
Equipment Loan Agreement
University Discounts

D-Coax is happy to offer all their products at a discount to currently enrolled University students, with approved proof of enrollment.  Simply go to "request a quote" and in the comments box state that you are a student, then upload your proof of current enrollment via Request for Quote.

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