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Model W4.0 x L6.5 PROBE STATION

This affordable machine offers a versatile design with portability in mind. This probe station offers a light weight and portable design; take it where you need to make your measurements, in another laboratory or office. Unlike the competitor's probe station, you can sit or stand while using this unit due to the very low table to chuck height. The chuck is unique in the design, with a width of 4.0 inches and the length of 6.5 inches, suitable for circuit boards or multiple devices. The Z positioning is via a digital readout in millimeters or inches for accurate probe “touch-downs”. The additional magnetic plate with magnetically mounted probe positioners allow even more versatility.

This portable manual probing station is designed for a versatile, comfortable, and accurate operation on up to 4.0” wafers or 4.0” X 6.5” printed circuit board assemblies. This turn-key, manually operated probing station, model W4.0 x L6.5, is part of the D-COAX commitment to the test and measurement and PCB fabrication industries.