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Test Services

D-Coax offers RF/Microwave test services for your researchprojects, as well as, production quantities tests.  We have available resources and expertise in the high frequency interconnects testing that will benefit your research and products.  We will work with you to make your requested tests the most accurate and reliable and we'll complete them in a timely fashion.

The following parameters can be characterized or tested to specifications with our test services:

Time Domain:  Impedance, Impedance profile, rise time, propagation delay, skew and more.

Frequency Domain: S21 - Insertion loss, S11- Return loss, S12 - Reverse Insertion loss (port 2 insertion loss), S22 - Reverse Return loss (port 2 return loss) and more.

Engineering Services

In addition to test services, D-Coax offers consulting for your research, design of a custom connector or interconnect, or a test fixture for your product, custom calibration kits, prototyping, and assembly of the products and fixtures. We also can troubleshoot your prototype or product to find the weak points of the design and engineer solutions for the desired fidelity.  With our tool room quality machine shop the prototypes of new products or the modification of products, needing optimization, can be accomplished very quickly.

Testing Capabilities

D-COAX has the following testing capabilities:

Frequency Domain;  bandwidth  40MHz – 65GHz
Time Domain: FFT from S-parameters, 5.4ps
Rise Time
Time Domain : Step pulse, 17.5ps rise time
d-coax testing capabilities

Test Equipment

D-COAX has the following equipment dedicated to test services:

Anritsu 40MHz -65GHz Vector Network Analyzer
with (TDR) Time Domain Reflectometry
Anritsu 2.92mm Calibration KitAnritsu 1.85mm
Calibration Kit
Tektronix DSA8200 digitizing oscilloscope
Tektronix 80E04 20GHz sampling module
D-COAX Model W2.5 x L6.5 probe station
D-COAX Model D14 probe station
GGB Industries ISS (Impedance Standard Substrate)
GGB Industries 40A-GSG-150-P wafer probes
D-COAX microwave semi-rigid cables
D-COAX microwave flexible cables

Test Data Formats

  1. Quick data (no report):
    • Anritsu 40MHz -65GHz Vector Network Analyzer data:  .BMP (waveform capture),.TAB (tabulated data), .S2P (used for touchstone modeling program)
    • Tektronix DSA8200 data: .BMP files (screen capture with set measurements or specifications)
  2. Full report: description of test setup, drawings, diagrams, waveforms as necessary, data analysis,raw data, Pass/Fail spec determination, summary, conclusion

The VNA data has the measurements of:
S21: Insertion lossS11: Return loss
S12: Reverse Insertion loss (port 2 insertion loss)
S22: Reverse Return loss (port 2 return loss)

The VNA graph types are: Log Magnitude, Phase, Smith Chart (impedance), SWR, Group Delay, Smith Chart (admittance), Linear Polar, Log Polar, Linear Magnitude, Real, Imaginary.

The TDR has measurements of mV, rho and Ohms versus time that can be used in the reflection or transmission modes. The TDR measurement set is:
- Amplitude Measurements (Amplitude, High, Low, Min, Max, Mid, +Overshoot, -Overshoot and more)
- Timing Measurements (Rise Time, Fall Time, Delay, Jitter, Crossing (%, Level, Time) and more)
- The impedance can be tested to the set specifications or characteristic impedance can be calculated  for from the impedance profile.

The raw data can be transmitted electronically or on CD, the full report is a PDF document which can be transmitted electronically.

Test Services Rates

d-coax test services rate chart

The calibration is for the 1.85mm or 2.92mm calibration kit which the phase andmagnitude are zero at the reference plane.

In the case where the DUT connector has no calibration kit available, the calibrationwill be performed at the reference plane where the calibration standards are connected, but willINCLUDE the adapters in the device under test (DUT) data.

When D-COAX is in the process of building adapters, fixtures, calibration kits,calibration coefficients, etc., D-COAX will charge for that time at the D-COAX listed rates,but D-COAX owns these devices unless prior arrangements have been made before the work begins.Different rates apply for devices for sale and are quoted upon request.

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Engineering Services Rates

d-coax engineering services rate chart

Why use D-COAX Test Services or D-COAX Engineering Services?

The testing at D-COAX is done using some of the best equipment available with the most accuracy, repeatability, and affordability in mind. But it does not stop there because many services provided by D-COAX are not available at competitive Labs. Engineering services are available for the characterization and optimization of your product. We can assist you with the conceptual design, actually machining and testing the prototype and all the way through to the fine tuning and final design of the product.

There are common roadblocks encountered during new product design and the expert staff at D-COAX will help you overcome each obstacle.

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For any of our services, a custom Pricing Quotation is required. Click here to contact us.


Up-front payment is required before any services are provided. Payment with order, Visa/MC …Check. D-COAX accepts purchase order upon receipt of financial statement and payment history.

Lead Time:

Lead-time depends on the type of service rendered and will be estimated in the quote.


Transmittal of a purchase order or other confirmation of Client shall not vary the terms of this proposal, and no other terms transmitted by Client shall be accepted by testing company (D-COAX) (The “Company”). The work of the Company shall be solely and exclusively on the terms stated herein, without addition or modification whatsoever by any Client document.

Work will be done according to standard Company procedures or as per signed quote. Any deviations involving extra costs will be executed only upon written instructions in a new quote agreement, at an extra charge. Work is conducted for the benefit of client only, and reports are made solely for the interest of the client, and are not for the benefit of and may not be relied on by any other party. Client will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company from and against any and all liability, claim, loss, damage, or other harm (whether in equity or at law) arising out of Client’s sale or marketing of the tested product, including without limitation of the foregoing and liability, claim, loss, damage or other harm arising out of product liability. In the event that the Company personnel are required to appear before any attorney, court, or government body in connection with any action brought by Client or any third party, Company shall be paid in advance by Client for time, travel, and lodging. Rates shall be $2,500 USD per calendar day or part of a calendar day for non-executive personnel, including preparation time and travel time, and actual travel. Work includes up to one hour of Company clarification and support for the Deliverable, after which time Client shall pay $225 per hour for any further Company service. All work is on a best-efforts basis.

Client shall have a period of 15 days (“Evaluation Period”) to verify that the Company’s work product does not fail in any material respect (“Nonconformity”) to conform with the specifications (“Specifications”) set forth in this arrangement. If you notify us in writing regarding Nonconformity prior to the expiration of the Evaluation period, the company shall, at its expense, promptly correct such Nonconformity. Whereupon you shall receive an additional 7-day period (“Verification Period”), commencing upon your receipt of the corrected work product, to verify that the previously reported Nonconformity has been corrected. You shall provide the Company with reasonable assistance required by us to verify the existence of, and to correct, a reported Nonconformity. The work product shall be deemed automatically accepted by you upon expiration of the Evaluation Period, unless you inform the Company of a Nonconformity as provided above, in which case the work product shall be deemed accepted upon expiration of the Verification Period following completion of the last reported Nonconformity (“Acceptance”).

All material and services are provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind.  Content published to the Client may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. The Company makes no representations and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, does disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose regarding the suitability of the information; the accuracy or reliability, completeness or timeliness of the content, services or product, text, graphics, links or other items contained in the work conducted. The Company shall only be liable in any dispute for an amount not greater than the fees received from the Client in connection with the work conducted, and recovery of said amount shall be the exclusive remedy of the Client.

Neither party to this agreement shall be liable for any delays or failures to perform due to causes beyond its control. Unless otherwise provided herein, all payments are due before the work begins. Any payment shall be non-refundable in the event of cancellation of the service by Client. Client shall pay all legal, court and other collection fees incurred by the Company in the collection of any sum.

This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties, and may be changed or modified only in writing and signed by the party to be bound. Neither party shall be deemed to have waived any rights hereunder by action or inaction. The laws of the State of Oregon, USA, shall control this agreement. Any action arising out of this agreement shall be tried in the federal or state courts located in the State of Oregon, county of Yamhill. Any provision of this agreement found to be unlawful or unenforceable shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Example of Quotation Acceptance for Work as Described:

The above prices, specifications and conditions are agreed upon and accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. Payments will be made as outlined under the terms above. Prices do not include any applicable taxes. These prices are good for 30-days from the date on this quotation. Facsimile signatures shall be binding and have the same force and effect as original signatures.


Sending samples, payment (including deposits), email confirmation, or other actions to support a quoted service(s) will be deemed authorization in lieu of a signature from an authorized representative.


Call or write for shipping instructions.

Sample Returns:

F.O.B. Shipping Point."FOB shipping point" or "FOB origin" indicates the buyer pays shipping cost and takes responsibility for the goods when the goods leave the seller's premises.
Samples unclaimed within 30-days will be disposed of at Client’s costs without further notice.

Global Policies:

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