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Model W2.5 x L6.5 Mini Probe Station
Price $1,850.00 USD

This portable manual probing station is designed for a versatile, comfortable, and accurate operation on up to 2.5” wafers or 2.5” X 6.5” printed circuit board assemblies.

This turn-key, manually operated probing station, model W2.5 x L6.5, is part of the D-COAX commitment to the test and measurement and fabrication industries. This affordable machine offers a versatile design with portability in mind. This is the first probing station to offer such a light weight and portable design; put it in the custom transport case (sold separately) or your back-pack and take it where you need to make your measurements, in another laboratory or office. Unlike the competitor's probe station, you can sit or stand while using this unit due to the very low table to chuck height. The chuck has a unique in the design, with a width of 2.5 inches and the length of 6.5 inches, suitable for circuit boards or multiple devices. The Z positioning is via a digital readout in micrometers or inches for accurate probe “touch-downs”. Its versatility, affordability, and user friendly features make it the best manual probe station on the market.

Model W2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station Features

D-COAX offers a general purpose probe station with the following features:


In order to have a complete test setup for measuring the DUT, the following hardwareand utilities are required:

  1. Test instrument capable of the specific DUT test requirements
  2. Cables capable of the specific DUT test requirements (see D-COAX cable assemblies offerings Link to Semi-rigid and Flexible assemblies pages)
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. Microscope
  5. Probes (D-COAX suggests GGB probes www.ggb.com)
  6. Impedance Standard Substrate (D-COAX suggests GGB calibration standards www.ggb.com)
  7. Accessories for specific DUT sizes and topography (see Accessories offerings by D-COAX below)


D-COAX offers the following probe station accessories:


Price $350.00 USD
probe transport case

Two probes oriented to face each other isn’t always enough selection because some circuits have pads at 90 degrees to the other probe. The adapter can be used to place the probe 90 degree from the original position or hold two probes oriented at 90 degrees to each other.  The pitch between two probes can be adjusted by sliding the probe holders inside the 0.6 inch slots in the adapter. Use another adapter on the opposite side for wider pitch.This probe station adapter is compatible to any D-COAX probe station.

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From high frequency custom connectors or custom test fixtures to modifications of other products we sell, we have the expertise to help you get to where your project needs to go. Typical custom projects include connector modification for production solutions, probe station customer specific accessories, and more.

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Price $250.00 USD
probe transport case

The solution to getting your tests done is to get all your equipment together. The transport case allows you to take the probe station where you need it. The transport case will protect your equipment, and has a closed-cell polyethylene foam insert that is die-cut precisely for the Model W2.5 x L6.5 probe station.  The rugged outer case is molded from tough polypropylene. It's lightweight, watertight, airtight, and economical. A perimeter o-ring seals out the elements, protecting the contents of the case from water, dust and other contaminants.The case will not chip, dent, or lose its finish.

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The probes are the means of accessing the test points on your PCB or wafer.The following probes can be ordered directly from the www.ggb.com website or we can order them for you to be included with D-Coax products. Our handling fee is $50 each. Click on the Request a Quote button, specify the probe you would like to purchase and submit your quote request.

pico probe
  • High Impedance probes
  • Active probes
  • Microwave Testing probes
  • RF & DC probes
  • Waveguide Input probes
  • Calibration Substrates
  • DC disposable tip probes


Price $250.00 USD
cable assembly

Connect from your instrument to the probe station.D-coax offers several varieties of high performance Flexible and Semi-rigid assemblies up to 65GHz.

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olympus microscope

The microscope allows for the precision optical alignment of the probes to the circuit patterns and small area test points.

The following Olympus microscopes can be ordered directly from the www.olympusamerica.com website. Or, we can order them for you. Click on the Request a Quote button and specify the microscope you like us to quote and submit the request.

The following microscope model selections are recommended to use with our probe stations:

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microscope stand

Microscope stands are used to secure the microscope in the desired lication.

The following stands can be ordered directly from the www.spotimaging.com website.  Or, we can order them for you.  Click on the Request a Quote button and specify the microscope stand you would like us to quote and submit the request.

The following microscope stands selections are recommended to use with our probe stations:

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gast vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is used to hold wafers, PCB’s or other DUT’s to the chuck so the DUT doesn’t shift during the test.

The following Gast pumps can be ordered directly from the www.gastmfg.com website.  Or, we can order them for you.  Click on the Request a Quote button and specify the pump you like us to quote and submit the request.The following pump model is recommended to use with our probe stations:

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A) Due to the high technology in the D-COAX products and also the potential end use of its products by some Buyers, the Government of the United States of America has ruled that export licenses are required for the export of some D-COAX products.
B) Buyers who export purchased products from the USA hereunder assume all responsibility for the products purchased hereunder and assume all responsibility for obtaining any required export authorization.
C) Buyer shall not export, re-export, or transfer technical data or products supplied by D-COAX, directly or through others, or the direct product of such data, to any country or user to which such export, re-export, or transfer is restricted by United States or local country law or regulation without first obtaining any required government license, authorization, certification, or approval.

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