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Omni Probe - High Frequency Coaxial PCB Probe (44 GHz)

For the high frequency PCB impedance characterization orhigh-speed electrical signal analysis the Omni probe by D-COAX is an excellent and affordable solution.  High accuracy measurement obtained by having low contact resistance and impedance control of the probe throughout all transitions.

Using Omni probe in conjunction with D-COAX probe holder, the device under test (DUT) can be tested not just in usual horizontal position, but can be tilted at the any angle or vertical position.

The following are tips on using Omni probe.

The Omni probe uses spring pins for all contacts.  The best repeatable height for probe positioning is obtained by the following method: First, over travel the probe until the probe head surface touches the DUT surface, then raise it back 0.020 inches for the best repeatable results.

The use of spring-loaded probe tips makes the probe last longer than conventional probes without losing performance or accuracy. The probe head has gold plated, rugged, crown tips that can be used for smooth or rough surfaces.

Features and Benefits
Durability - long life time, anti-crash feature, reliable contact quality
Flexibility – works on rough surface, ability to probe at different surface angle, and symmetry in 4 directions
RF Performance - low insertion loss, low contact resistance, high bandwidth