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Coaxial Cable

This coaxial cable could be improved at the design phase in a number of ways.

a) Conductor losses are the starting point of a coaxial construction.

b) Dielectric machine-ability, mould ability, extrudability, tape wrap process (whichever is applicable)

b) Pick the very largest center conductor that still meets the other requirements.

c) Pick a shield coverage at 100% or as close to it allowed by design constraints.

The measurement range can be improved in resolution, stability, bandwidth, and non-aliasing.

a) The magnitude resolution for very small magnitudes may be enhanced by:

b) The magnitude resolution for very large negative magnitudes may be enhanced by:

c) Bandwidth resolution can be enhanced by maximizing the IF bandwidth, increasing averaging, increasing sweep time, and increasing the amount of points. Breaking up the full bandwidth of the Analyzer into smaller segmented calibrations will also provide high resolution.

d) Non-aliasing will be discussed to some length in the Time Domain section. (Eliminating as many Reflection-causing problems in the connectors and D.U.T. will be a major help.)

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